We are a voluntary organisation and rely on the kindness of people to keep going. And right now, we need more kind people to help us out. Record request collectors A huge part of our schedule is the request show every weekday evening. For this, we need people to go out on the wards on an […]

Last week, Huddersfield Town changed their manager – a by now annual occurrence, but this time very exciting. The Sportsline lads – Steven, Greg and John – convened to discuss it all. Have a listen here. Sportsline: Powell out; Wagner in

We’ve been broadcasting live sport since 1953. It was the reason we started. But time and technology move on and we’re running our service on outdated and soon-to-be unsupported communications technology and we’d like to upgrade. This, inevitably, costs money, money which we don’t have and must therefore turn to the kindness of others. Please […]