We are a charity, registered as such with the Charities Commission. We are staffed by volunteers and take no profit. But it costs money to run a radio station. Upkeep of equipment, PRS fees, insurance, electricity and phone bills – it all needs paying whether you’re a charity or any other organisation.

We rely on donations to keep the lights on and the needles twitching.

You can donate via your mobile. To give between £1 and £10, simply text HHBC12 and the amount – for example, HHBC12 £10 – to 70070
The full amount goes into our account, no overheads, admin or processing fees removed.

Alternatively, get in touch via one of the following methods:


Telephone: 01484 342838

Postal address:
Huddersfield Hospital Radio Studio,
Huddersfield Royal Infirmary,
Acre Street,

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