Chris Lloyd

My life, since I was 13, has been dominated by music of all genres. The fateful day in 1964 when I purchased my 1st 45, The Dave Clarke Five and Glad All Over, changed me from a very studious boy to someone my parlloydyents didn’t recognise. I very soon assembled an impressive collection of 45’s which stood me in good stead when in 1968 a friend and I started doing discos.

We turned professional in 1971 and worked all the clubs in the West Midlands and got to know a lot of the bands which were starting out then. We supported the likes of Slade, Ambrose Wilson, Cherry Blossom Clinic and others of their ilk. 1974 saw us part our ways and I continued in my after school work as an electrician. Such is life.

Lots of other music related stories but that would be like a thesis. Shall I? No.

Got married had children, who all love music, I devoted a lot of time to Am Dram and loved to sing in musicals and at one point was in a Glenn Miller tribute band but with recorders, awesome!

These days, as well as anything musical and my full time job, I write poetry, but only the rhyming sort, about my boyhood years, scripts for plays, film and radio, some of which actually made it to radio in Sheffield, and voice overs. I’m currently filming a short film wot I rote set in 1949.

So approaching a more sensible age – nothing changes, not a jot!
I would rather be the same as always – playing tunes and having a tot!

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